Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is my voice! Project start!

Project preparation has started, and we will have a meeting with all the partners in Warshaw, Poland, in the dates 8-10 april 2011.

What is the project about?

This is my Voice is about making loud and public the silent voices of 40 deaf youngsters from Poland and Romania through the Photo Voice methodology.
The main purpose of the project is to help 40 deaf youngsters to integrate more in the community and in the working market, showing that deaf youngsters are able to work and be part of the big world, having a lot of abilities and talents.
Euroarte Association, Vasiliada Association from Romania will unite their efforts with two informal groups from Poland: Polish Intercultural Group and Silent Voices.

The project is to take place in Romania and Poland, with an activity calendar ranging from May to September 2011. Involved in a training programm in their own country, working in paralel, the 40 youngsters will meet in Romania.
Each of the 4 promoters will involve it’s 10 beneficiaries, in a programme using photo voice methodology to learn to express their needs and ideas in relation with society. Through photo voice the youngsters will identify and discuss their problems, finding the solutions.
After an intensive and extenssive phototraining the 40 youngsters from the two different counties will meet eachother to witness their progress and results.
Photo exhibitions, web platform, happenings and nonformal activities will constitute the output of the project to make the message clear to the community.
This is my voice will speak for the youngsters - despite their hearing and speaking disabilities - in a unique and powefull voice, delivering a clear message to the community. That message could be easyly sinthetised as: We want in!