The Partners

Vasiliada Association -Vasiliada Association is an organization of Christian and social nature, non-governmental, democratic, non-profit and apolitical, founded under the patronage of the Metropolitan of Oltenia.
Our mission is to provide social services to individuals, families, social groups and communities in situations of hardship or marginalization generating / social exclusion, and our actions are based on Christian love.

Polish Intercultural Group - We are a group of young Polish interested in photography and traveling, and meeting new cultures.
We participate in many youth in action projects. We support actions that help deaf youngsters because we have speaking and hearing disabilities.

Silent Voices - We are a group of Polish deaf youngsters, students and teenagers, trying to bring about a change in our lifes and in the society. Participating to many projects, Youth in Action and other Volunteering projects, we get involved and show who we are and what we can do.
Our aerias of interest are various, ranging from sports to computers and science, but we put passion and talent in all our enterprises.
Our experience in projects is based on Youth Exchanges, and we want to continue to learn non-formaly and interculturally, opening new doors and seaking new paths for the future for us and our friends.

Student's Culture House Bucharest - Students' Culture House of Bucharest is a public institution with legal personality subordinated to the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports through the National Authority for Youth and Sport.

Bucharest Students Culture House aims to educate and train students and young people through specific cultural area arts and non-formal education and to promote artistic, cultural and scientific values ​​within this social segment of the population.

ArtImage Association Cluj - ArtImage Association from Cluj Napoca is an NGO (non-profit organization), founded in 2006, that has as central goal the promotion of our community’s image and making a contribution to the visual education of the youth.
We develop various programs through which we try to initiate people in appreciating art, to facilitate learning photography and to offer opportunities to promote themselves as artists.
These programs are addressed to the young people (16-45 years old), which we try to help and motivate to participate and to get involved as volunteers.
This involvement has several benefits: free acces to our databases(informations, materials, photographic catalogs etc), local, national and international promotion as photographers through different exhibitions, shows and contests, acces to a studio full eqippuied, bonuses at the different workshops, courses, camps, photographic printings, materials etc. Also, they have several responsibilities, that are specified in our regulations: paying a modest subscription, being actively involved in the activities developed by the Association etc.

Mihai Dan-Calinescu Photo Club - The Association “Mihai Dan-Calinescu Photo Club”, in possession of legal personality, was founded on the 23rd of April 1999 by no more than 12 photographers, as an organization affiliated to the Military Circle of Craiova.
Ever since its foundation we started organizing a tutorial of Photographic Art and Technique which was attended by more than 450 young people who later came to represent the resource for the future photographic artists of the photo club. Out of all the people graduating this course 17 are still students or have graduated different Photographic Faculties in Romania or in England.
The members of our photo club have participated in very numerous national and international salons of photographic art, as well as in solo or group exhibition here or abroad.
In the present the Photo Club has 30 AAFR members (belonging to the Association of Romanian Photographic Artists) – (we are the photo club with the largest number of AAFR members out of all Romanian photo clubs) and more than 45 members with a current exhibitional activity.
The Art Galleries of the Photo Club organize an exhibition every two or three weeks on a current basis, housing not only Romanian photographers’ exhibitions but also foreign artists’ photographic works.
Every two years the Photo club also organizes the Nation Salon of Photographic Art “Mihai Dan-Calinescu” which has already had four editions.
The members of the photo club have participated for five years already in different voluntary activities, especially regarding convicted people currently imprisoned in the Maximum Security Prison and the Youth Detention Centre in Craiova.
We frequently organize photo workshops in our geographical region or in the surrounding areas.

Polish Association of the deaf and hard of hearing (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Głuchych i Niesodłyszących).