Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Warsaw Exhibition!

From 5 to 30 May 2012, the Photo Exhibition "This is my Voice!" -  presenting the most significant  images and comments produced during the project with the same name (This is my Voice!) are exposed for the public in Warsaw, Poland. The exhibition is hosted by the Special School for Hard Hearing OŚRODEK SZKOLNO-WYCHOWAWCZY DLA GŁUCHYCH, im. Jana Siestrzyńskiego, ul. Łucka 17/23 00-842 Warszawa.

As coorganizer of the event, we are happy to announce the support of a new partner: the Polish Association of the deaf and hard of hearing (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Głuchych i Niesodłyszących).

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Costel Apastinei - about "This is my voice!"

This announcement invites deaf people from Cluj to visit "This is my voice!" photo exhibition.

"This is my voice!" Photo Exhibition in Cluj

Have you ever wondered how someone who doesn’t hear the sounds around him still perceives this world? What matters for this person, what are its frustrations, what makes him/her feel excited, loved, what are its wishes and dreams? We have raised all these questions, we found the answers, and therefore now we invite you to discover and understand them.

Euroarte Association and ArtImage Association from Cluj invite you to the photo exhibition "This is my voice", which presents a selection of photographs taken by 40 deaf young people from Romania and Poland in the PhotoVoice modules developed from May to September, 2011. "This is my voice!" – a project coordinated by Euroarte in partnership with the Association Vasiliada / Romania, Silent Voices and Intercultural Polish Group / Poland - is funded by the European Commission Youth in Action program, Action 1.3 - Youth Democracy Projects.

The opening of the exhibition "This is my voice!" will take place Thursday, March 1, from 18:00 in the foyer of County Library "Octavian Goga" Cluj-Napoca (str Dorobantilor, no. 104). The exhibition can be visited until March 31 2012.

The authors of the photos are 40 deaf young people from Romania and Poland, which, through photography (PhotoVoice method), express problems, opinions, needs, trying to communicate with the hearing persons.

In October 2011, the exhibition "This is my voice!" was hosted at the Student’s Culture House in Bucharest and, in November, at the Art Gallery of Military Center in Craiova. In March 2012, the works will be exhibited at the County Library "Octavian Goga" Cluj; from here the next stop of the touring exhibition is Warsaw/ Poland.

More information about this project can be found at:

Note: This project is funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects only the views of the author and the Commission can not be held responsible for using the information it contains.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Photo Exhibition in Cluj!

This is my voice! photo exhibition will be presented in Cluj Napoca, between 1-31 March 2012, at Octavian Goga municipal Library, with the support of ArtImage Association.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This is my voice! is Valorized!

The project exhibition "This is my voice!" has been presented to the annual Valorization conference organized by National Agency on November 18-Th.

During the conference Euroarte Association demonstrated the PhotoVoice method in a 1 hour workshop with participants from Life Long Learning and Youth in Action field.

A BIG "Thank You!" to the Organizers for inviting us!

This is my voice! is Getting Involved

Project "This is my voice!" will be presented as Good Practice example during the training course "Get Involved" organized by Romanian National Agency in Predeal in November 2011.

We will present the project, it's results and the process of creating them in a Participatory Democracy Youth Project.

A few details about the training:
Get involved! Training course

22-27 November 2011 | Predeal (Carpathian Mountains), Romania

Participants will explore the concept of youth participation, learn about the YIA programme and learn how to set up their own Youth Democracy project.The objective is to enable them to develop and realise an Action 1.3 Youth Democracy project.
The aim is the exploration of the concept of youth participation, the provision of knowledge regarding the Youth in Action programme and more specifically Action 1.3 and the development of necessary competences for realizing a youth democracy project.
The objectives of the training course are:
- To explore the added value of Youth Democracy projects for the local community
- To acquire project management and communication competences
- To develop understanding about the principles of youth participation
- To learn about the Youth in Action Programme and especially about the quality criteria of Action 1.3 Youth Democracy projects
- To share and transfer experiences of activities undertaken in the local community
- To create a space for contact making and finding potential partners for Youth Democracy projects
- To develop an action plan to realise a Youth Democracy project.