Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The flyer

“This is my voice!" project aims to make heard, loud and clear, the “voices" of 40 youngsters with hearing and speaking disabilities from Poland and Romania through Photo voice method. The project is funded by the European Commission through Youth in Action, Action 1.3, Youth Democracy Projects.

Euroarte Association is the coordinating organization and the partners, from Poland and Romania, are: Polish Intercultural Group and Silent Voices from Warsaw, Poland; Association Vasiliada from Craiova, Bucharest Student Culture House, Association ArtImage from Cluj, Photo Club “Mihai Dan Calinescu" from Craiova, Romania.

The project activities take place in Poland and Romania, in the timeframe May 2011 - June 2012 and consist in training 40 hearing and speech impaired youngsters by the means of photo voice methodology.
Photo Voice Method helps young people to develop, self-discover, express themselves through photography, by identifying problems, seeking solutions, communicating with decision makers and the community.

After an intense Photo voice training in the cities of origin, the 40 young people involved in the project meet in Bucharest in October 2011, during a 4 days workshop.

The best pictures created by young participants during the project will be subject to a traveling exhibition in Bucharest, Craiova, Cluj and Warsaw.

The Itinerary Photography Exhibition will be presented to the public first time in Bucharest, at the Student House of Culture, Way of Pleven, no. 61, between October 6 to November 6, 2011, and will be opened on October 6, 2011, in the presence of project beneficiaries and their guests.

For more information about the project please visit the blog: www.thisismyvoice-photovoice.blogspot.com.

Note: This project is funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects only the views of the author and the Commission can not be held responsible for using the information it contains.

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